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Understanding the Constitution
American Principles of Government

HRI conducts classes throughout the year exploring the guiding principles embraced by the founders of our great nation and investigating their impact upon civil government. These principles were built into the United States Constitution. Understanding the Constitution is presented in a lecture series, enlightening students as to how these principles are just as relevant today as they were in the beginning - not only for the national government, but also for state and local governments. This is perhaps one of the most essential resources offered by Heritage Research Institute and the greatest benefit that our fellow citizens can gain through HRI’s initiatives and work. A thorough study of the Constitution and its primary influences provides valuable insights into what has contributed to the extraordinary success of American government in history. It also reveals the sources of misinterpretation, ignorance, or misapplication of its language and the results of a schizophrenic society.

In 1787 the United States Constitution became the single greatest model for government in the history of the world. It’s longevity (over 228 years) speaks of its strength and wisdom. But rarely do we understand what is inherent to that document which ensures liberty for future generations. Today immigrants who are seeking citizenship have more Constitutional training than the citizens that were born and raised in the United States, illustrating widespread ignorance of civic knowledge, it’s purpose and import. Over time society finds itself questioning whether the American republic form of government even matters at all. Heritage Research Institute's goal is to prove that it does matter tremendously and why. Understanding the Constitution provides critical education that has been missing for the average American. It is a course that every American needs.

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Seminars give the attendees an opportunity to get an in-depth education on a specific issue or historical event. Speakers include HRI staff as well as nationally known authors, political leaders and historians. Each seminar is an invaluable resource with valuable information for every American!

Presentations at Other Events

Heritage Research Institute makes speeches and dramatic presentations for other organizations and events. This service meshes directly with HRI’s core mission to educate our fellow citizens and is provided free of charge. Events have included graduations and bachelorettes, holiday and memorial observances, church services, club and organizational meetings, and more. Speakers are available for your organization or event. Please contact us for more information. 2015 || Terms Of Use     Security and Privacy Notice || USHRI Home Page