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Upcoming Events

HRI's Liberty Series Presents:
Dr. Paul Jehle coming to Michigan!

July 7, 2018 in Attica

Independence: from Plymouth to Philadelphia

9:00-10:30 Pastors Breakfast
1:00-4:30 Seminar
7:00-9:30 Dinner

Don't miss this great event with Dr. Paul Jehle, Executive Director of the Plymouth Rock Foundation.

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Understanding the Constitution Class
American Principles of Government

In 1787 the founders of our great nation met in convention in Philadelphia. The final product of their work, the United States Constitution, became the single greatest model for government in the history of the world. These 230 years represent the longest time in recorded history that a free nation has existed. What foundational principles did they focus on to ensure liberty for future generations?

This enlightening lecture series covers the principles of government that the founders embraced and built into the Constitution. Students will learn how these principles are just as relevant today as they were 230 years ago - not only for our national government, but for our state and local governments as well!

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Independence Day Celebration
Start your Independence Day Celebration
with a reading of the Declaration of Independence!

The Declaration of Independence is the document that gave birth to our nation. Today there are fewer Americans that have read this important document than any other time since our nation’s birth!

For over 150 years July 4th was the day that Americans all over our great land gathered to celebrate our nation’s birth – and those celebrations started with a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Help restore this important tradition by inviting your family, friends and neighbors to gather together for your own patriotic event!!

In addition to the reading of the Declaration, we encourage you to honor our nation through songs and the pledge of allegiance.

Interested in organizing your own Independence Day Celebration? We can provide you with scripts and music to get you started! It is a great way to celebrate, serve your community and educate others!! E-mail us for more information today at 2018  || Terms Of Use/td>      Security and Privacy Notice || USHRI Home Page