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Attica, Michigan
June 18 - 22, 2018
6PM - 10PM each night

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Adults             $ 39.00      $ 50.00
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Alumni may attend future UTC classes free of charge.

Cost includes course materials, binder and a pocket copy of the Constitution. Please bring a writing instrument and note paper for additional notes.

Children under 12 may attend with their parents at no charge. Course materials will not be provided for any children under age 12.

Alumni must pre-register.

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Don't forget - we offer you a chance to try the class - risk free - by "auditing" the first evening. That's right - you can attend the first night of class, free of charge. If you decide to keep attending you pay the "at the door" rate and receive a complete set of course materials. But if you decide its not for you, no problem
you got the first night for free!

If you intend to audit the first night, we appreciate if you would still register but under the total simply write in "audit".

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Understanding the Constitution

American Principles of Government

In 1787 the founders of our great nation met in convention in Philadelphia. The final product of their work, the United States Constitution, became the single greatest model for government in the history of the world. As a nation we have done far more to protect the physical paper of the original Constitution than we have protected and taught the principles that it enshrines. Those principles of government apply to all levels of government and were copied in the Constitutions of every State in the Union.

This enlightening lecture series covers the principles of government that the founders embraced and built into the Constitution. Students will learn how these principles are just as relevant today as they were 228 years ago – not only for our national government, but for our state and local governments as well!

The class consists of eight evenings of lectures taught by Constitutional expert Brian Ervin (President of Heritage Research Institute). The entire course will be presented in a few short weeks! While the class is a must for every American, this presentation is best suited for those at a High School Level and above.

What former students say about this course...
"This class was an awakening for me. I did not realize how little I knew or understood about the Constitution.”

"Riveting... a class full of ‘must know’ information"

"A class that should be required for every single American"

What a former student recently blogged about this course...
"OK...are you like me and get that bored, dazed, far off look in your eyes when you hear "The Constitution" or "The Bill of Rights" or "The Declaration of Independence?" Do you picture a bunch of old, white men with big hair sitting around the room speaking in "thous" and "thees?" Is that when you would tune out in history class? Me, too. Or it was until I took a class this past week on The Constitution. I shared with some others ahead of time that I was taking this class and they looked at me like I had grown another head. I could so read their mind...

Why on earth would I want to sit in a classroom and listen to someone droan on and on about some ancient document? Well, let me tell you...this was one awesome class. The instructor was very knowledgeable, had a great sense of humor, and applied these "ancient" documents to current and recent politics.

These documents apply today...or at least they should. I learned more in this past week than in high school and college combined. We learned the history behind the documents, on what the laws were based, and a whole lot more information that I couldn't possibly do justice here. Actually, it's going to take some time for it all to sort itself in my brain. And best of all, it made me think and question myself. It made me consider current legislation, and "laws" that have been “implemented”, that aren't actually laws. It made me realize how much power the national government has taken from the states, hence, the people. It made me realize that perhaps that amendment that we think we need to allow us to do something, might actually take away freedom to do what we're allowed to do in the first place!

Our forefathers were no dummies, and those wigs were none too tight! They had a clear idea of how to keep checks and balances, and to avoid the kind of government from which they had come. Believe me...we have strayed in a BIG way for many years from what they intended."

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